TTC 教师培训

TTC 教师培训

210hr 传统哈达&现代流培训 Traditional Hatha & Modern Vinyasa TTC

传统哈达&现代流瑜伽教师培训 Traditional Hatha & Modern Vinyasa TTC210 HRS TTC 210小时课程培训时间 When2017.08.16 - 2017.09.10(Mondays Off 每周一休息)培训地点 Where上海 Shanghai Just Yoga 徐家汇 Xujiahui


传统哈达&现代流瑜伽教师培训 Traditional Hatha & Modern Vinyasa TTC

210 HRS TTC 210小时课程

培训时间 When

2017.08.16 - 2017.09.10(Mondays Off 每周一休息)

培训地点 Where

上海 Shanghai Just Yoga 徐家汇 Xujiahui Studio 

天平路185号7楼 (近衡山路) 7/F Tianping Hotel, 185 Tianping Road(by Hengshan Road)

联系方式 Contact Details

6404 5229 / 138 1652 3034

Serena: 152 0211 6238

Hattie: 130 5221 4870

课程介绍 Training Description

Man in the journey of finding his mind should understand his body. Body is gross, whereas the mind is subtle. Subtleness can be experienced only when one can understand and appreciate gross experiences.


Using alignment as a starting point, Iyengar Yoga encourages the spread of intelligence throughout the body, the growth of self-awareness, and an experience of the asanas as a form of “meditation in action.” Experience the subtlety at the gross body level is the very essential factor in Iyengar yoga practice. Vinyasa, the fresh modern approach, encourages the originality and has been eagerly embraced in the Yoga community worldwide. Vinyasa teachers are free to create their own type of class and draw from a wide variety of inspirations. Nonetheless, the practice of Vinyasa can only be fruitful and beneficial with the grounded awareness of the Intelligence of Body and the Nuances of Asanas. This sets the foundation for the design of this 210hrs teachers training course

以顺位为基础,艾扬格瑜伽将强调身体的”智能性“,”自我觉知“,以及在体式中体验“动态的冥想” 。在粗糙层也能体会到身体的精细微妙,是艾扬格瑜伽中非常重要的一个因素。流瑜伽是一种新颖的现代模式,鼓励体式序列的创新性,在全世界的瑜伽圈也是广受好评。流瑜伽的老师可以根据情况,吸取各方灵感,自由的设计序列和课程。但是,只有在认识到身体的智能性和体式的微妙性之后,流瑜伽练习才会是有效且有益的。这个也是这次210小时培训设计的基础。

Beautifully blending the traditional Hatha Yoga while implementing today’s modern Vinyasa Flow, this training will bring you a balance between a holistic, grounded practice and a strong, dynamic flow style. Through this training, you will have the tools to create innovative and customized sequenced classes in addition to a strong base for deepening your personal practice in the future. You will walk out of this training with a solid foundation combining the two styles, giving a dynamic range as a yoga teacher and self-practitioner.




教师团队 About Teachers


With Yoga as his birthright, nurtured by the blessings from many yoga gurus, Sriman Tapaswiji Maharaj, Bejan Daruwalla, Swami Anubhavananda. Ganesh is a pioneer in the field of yoga in our modern world. He hails from a family of traditional yoga practitioners, and started teaching at the tender age of 11. For Ganesh, Yoga goes way beyond mastering the physical body and breath, but a way of experiencing life to the fullest. “Yoga is an act of experiencing happiness.” Be it beginners or long-time practitioners, people come to him for refined understanding of yoga. With Ganesh, yoga is simplified yet deepens your understanding of Yoga. He is described as the therapeutic storm in a teacup, and comes recommended by yoga students and teachers alike. 

Ganesh出身于世代修行传统瑜伽者家庭,亦是当今瑜伽界的弄潮儿,从11岁时起就开始教授瑜伽,受到多位瑜伽上师 (Sriman Tapaswiji Maharaj, Bejan Daruwalla, Swami Anubhavananda) 的启迪和祝福。对Ganesh 而言,瑜伽是他尽情体验生命极致的一种方式。“瑜伽是体验幸福快乐的一场表演。”不论是初学者还是长期习练者,他们都能从Ganesh朴实无华的瑜伽教学中学习到对瑜伽理念更精湛更深层次的理解。他是疗愈之师,被众师生推崇。


Initiator of Yoga and Vedanta, Dr. Swaroop is a direct disciple of Vidwan Ramachandra Bhat, with who he spend 6 years learning *Ancient Indian Thought System.* He has conducted more than 250 workshops on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad-Gita. His spoken Sanskrit sessions are popular amongst students worldwide. He also studied under BKS Iyengar’s guidance and practiced with his close student Karthik Chaitanya, from where he developed his teaching motto “Solid, Stable & Flexible.” He is invited by many yoga training institutes for their training program moduling and design. Currently, he is lecturing Yoga Psychology in Jain University, Bangalore. Yoga practitioners in China are blessed to have him here the second time to spread the true yogic wisdom.

瑜伽及吠檀多引导人(initiator),Dr. Swaroop师从Vidwan Ramachandra Bhat上师,花费六年时间,潜心研习“古典印度哲学体系”。他举办过250多场帕坦伽利《瑜伽经》和《薄伽梵歌》研修会,梵语口语课更受到各国学生的喜爱。他还师从艾扬格大师,并跟随艾扬格传承弟子Karthik Chaitanya,练习瑜伽,从而发展出他“稳,健,活”的教学理念。他受到各大瑜伽培训学府的邀请,参与课程的编排和设计。现在,他在班加罗尔屈指可数的高等学府Jain University大学担任讲师,教授瑜伽心理学。此次,在中国的瑜伽修行者们,将非常有幸第二次邀请到Dr. Swaroop,与大家一起分享最传统的瑜伽真知。


Born and trained in the birthplace of modern yoga practice—Mysore, Raghu is a certified Yoga Instructor of Ashtanga Vinyasa. He started teaching since 1997 and has mastered the art of progressive guidance and customized training. He is the “teacher of teachers,” and excels in breaking down the challenging postures into the step-by-step preparatory sequences. With a special talent in dance, Raghu also innovatively created the sequences of rhythmic yoga and artistic yoga. For him, “the music of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life”

Raghu出生在现代瑜伽诞生地 - 迈索尔,并在此接受教育,是个认证的阿斯汤加瑜伽教练。他从1997年开始教学,长年的教学让他掌握了渐进式指导和个性化培训的艺术。他是老师的老师,擅长将具有挑战性的体式分解成一步一步循序渐进的预备序列。因为在舞蹈方面有着特别的天赋,Raghu还创新了韵律瑜伽和艺术性瑜伽课程。对于他而言,“身体的乐曲,心灵的旋律和灵魂的和声编织了生命的交响乐”。


Born with gifted talent for yoga, even at a young age, Mayank Yadav has chosen the path of yoga academically, professionally and spiritually. Mayank is creative and experimental in nature, adopting new concepts and methodologies in yoga teaching, such as wall yoga, floating meditation, mind relaxation techniques, etc. Mayank’s teaching focuses on alignment and advanced asanas. The rationale behind his teaching is “Mastering your body is mastering your mind. Practice, that’s the only and ultimate way!” With his joyful, energetic and sharing charisma, Mayank is now here in Just Yoga Shanghai and ready to shake the city with his soothing smile and “mat fanaticism.”

与生俱来的瑜伽天赋,驱使着年少有成的Mayank Yadav将瑜伽作为他在学术、职业和灵修道路上的终生追求。Mayank老师的教学方式新颖并且具有实验性,结合很多创新概念包括墙瑜伽、浮空冥想、头脑放松术等等。Mayank的教学主要专注于体式、正位和高级瑜伽体式。他坚信:“对身体的驾驭,便是对头脑的驾驭。练习是重中之重,也是瑜伽之本!” Mayank快乐、活力、乐于分享,现在,他来到了Just Yoga上海,将用他的“暖人微笑“和“瑜伽垫狂热” 席卷魔都。

Individual Modules 单独教学模块









认证瑜伽学校 Registered Yoga School

Just Yoga advocates for traditional yet non-dogmatic approach in yoga education, which is in line with the mission and value of Yoga Diksha®, hence force certified as a Registered Yoga School under Yoga Diksha® foundation. 

Just Yoga 尊崇瑜伽传统教学,但不默守陈规,符合Yoga Diksha®的教学理念和价值观,特被授予认证瑜伽学校资质。

注册&证书 Registration & Certification

1. The Traditional Hatha & Modern Vinyasa Teacher Training is a registered yoga training course with Yoga Diksha®. 此次传统哈达&现代流瑜伽教师培训是Yoga Diksha®认证培训课程。

2. Upon completion of graduation requirements, you are eligible to apply for certification at 2000 credits with Yoga Diksha®. 满足毕业要求的学生,将获得Yoga Diksha®认证的2000学分证书。

3. Be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of teaching skills: audible voice, clear instructions, congruent teaching presentation, teaching attitude, able to distinguish proper pose alignment, perform effective and safe hands on assistance. 有能力展示一定程度的教学能力,包括声音,口令,教学方式,教学态度等。同时,需要有能力区分体式顺位的正确性,为学员展现有效及安全的辅助措施。

4. Pass the final theory test and practicum exam. 通过最终的理论考试及实践审核。

5. Write a statement about personal understanding of yoga and self-development (will be completed and submitted during the training) 需完成学员自我陈述: 自我评估及对瑜伽的理解 (需在培训期间完成并上传)。

6. Please provide your name, mobile number, email address (necessary) for registration. We appreciate your participation and cooperation. 请提供您的姓名,手机号和邮箱(必须)用于注册。感谢您的参与和支持。

7.All the teachings will be conducted in English, with professional translator’s Chinese language support throughout the course. 培训课程为英文授课,全程提供专业中文翻译。

8.Please bring your own yoga mat, towel (if needed), water bottle, pen, notebook and recording instruments. 参与者需自行携带瑜伽垫,毛巾(如有需要),水杯,纸笔和录音工具参与课程。


With its root in South Indian Bangalore, Just Yoga has developed a distinctive and non-dogmatic approach to yoga through three generations of yoga teachings. Based on traditional foundations, while inspired by new generations of technology, Just Yoga offers you a simplified yet effective approach to our modern hectic lifestyle!



  • 徐家汇 Xujiahui: 021-6404-5229
  • 闵行 Minhang: 021-6404-0536