Schedule 课表安排

Schedule 课表安排

上海独家密宗瑜伽培训 Shanghai Tantra Yoga Training-密宗之延展和解脱 Tantra Dharana Training

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Tantric Approach towards Ultimate Liberation

All esoteric science the world over are diligently kept secret, and so too is Tantra. This is not because there is anything to hide, but because this is so powerful a science that it is meant only for Sadhaka (or practice). It is the self-control not to misuse the power deriving from it. 


The word Tantra is made of 2 syllables, tanoti, which means 'expansion', and trayati, 'liberation'. The final aim of tantra is to give men absolute knowledge, facilitating the forever expansion and transcending any forms of limitation and restriction. It is through the practice of tantra, man seeks his own individual liberation, hence the liberation of the society and the world.

伟大的诗人圣哲格比尔达斯说得好:"Mein to un santan ka Daas jinhone man maar liya":我只对那些已经征服自己思想的圣者鞠躬。虽然我们也许并没有意识到,但我们都是自己思想的奴隶。我们整天都在做着思想指挥我们做的事。如果思想是担心的,我们就会感觉焦虑;如果思想是开心的,我们就会高兴;如果思想是嫉妒的,我们就会被嫉妒所折磨。在生命中是否曾经有过这么一刻,我们停下脚步说,“不,我将不会生气,或高兴,或嫉妒”呢?
The great poet-Saint Kabir Das has rightly said, "Mein to un santan ka Daas jinhone man maar liya": I bow only before that Saint who has conquered his mind. Although we may not realise it, we are all slaves to our minds. Throughout the day, we do whatever the mind directs us to do. If the mind is worried, we feel anxious; if it is happy, we are pleased; if it is envious, we are ridden with jealousy. Is there ever a moment in our life when we put our foot down and say, "No, I will not be Angry, or Happy, or Jealousy?" 

We simply cannot put an end to this process without a right method, attitude, teachings, & a right Guru. It is often said that when the student is ready the teacher appears. Also, when the time is right, conditions conducive to spiritual dissemination arise. In this training you will be trained towards the ultimate liberation through Tantric method of Dharana (specific concentration) which generates the momentum to override the dissipated energies of the mind and convert them into a stream of awareness.

Therefore, we are very happy to invite you to this training, which combines an in-depth study & practice of Dharana (concentration) in relation to the tantric view of pranayama, chakras, mantras, mudras, yantras, mandalas, Shakthi meditations, substantiated by the personal experience of the teacher Ganesh himself. 

Who to Attend?
For practitioners who want to uplift your yoga practice, experience and awareness;
For scholars who want to unveil the mysteries of tantric tradition;
For yoga teachers who want to offer these subtle teachings to your students;
For therapists or energy healers who want to release the ailment from your clients;
And for anyone who is looking for the way towards ultimate bliss and happiness!!
This is the course for you!!

Highlights of the Course
*Essence of Tantra
*Understanding Dharana
*Prana Vidhya
*Nature of the highest reality
*True worship

*Pranic energizing and vitalizing techniques
*Mindful Awareness
*Dharana & Aum Matras
*专注法和 Aum唱诵
*Nada Dharana
*Bija Mantra Dharana
*Antarakasha Dharana
*Verification of Meditation
*Withdrawal of the Senses
*Union of Shiva & Shakti (masculine & feminine energy)

Ganesh 大象老师
Ganesh出身于世代修行传统瑜伽者家庭,亦是当今瑜伽界的弄潮儿。Ganesh的父亲 Ra­jendra Singh (已故),生前是哈达瑜珈修行者。他的母亲Lakshmi Rajendra Singh是班加罗尔著名的瑜伽上师,其教学方式也深受好评,胞姐Shama Singh 也同样是一位出色的瑜伽教师。11岁时起就开始教授瑜伽,从Vijayanagar的一户人家开始,Ganesh渐渐的将足迹迈向教育机构,公共组织和企业公司,遍布印度和中国大地。With Yoga as his birthright, Ganesh is a pioneer in the field of yoga in our modern world. He hails from a family of traditional yoga practitioners from Bangalore India: his late father Mr. Rajendra Singh was a Hatha Yogi, his mother Mrs. Lakshmi Rajendra Singh is a well-known yoga guru, reputed for her teaching skills, and his sister Shama Singh is also an avid yoga teacher. Ganesh began teaching yoga at the tender age of 11 when he imparted yogic techniques to a family in Vijayanagar. He subsequently widened his teaching experience at various educational institutions, public gatherings and corporate premises, in different parts of India and China. 

出于对瑜伽的执着追求,Ganesh在各高校学府进行瑜伽研习,拥有瑜伽科学硕士学位。极具创造力的教学法和个性化的教学理念,更是让他的广受推崇。对Ganesh 而言,瑜伽是他尽情体验生命极致的一种方式。“瑜伽是体验幸福快乐的” 快乐是人的天赋权利,瑜伽是经由的工具和途径。Ganesh holds a wealth of knowledge from his persistent pursuits of various schools of yoga (including a Master Degree in Yogic Science). He is known for his creativity in teaching methodologies and customization in teaching philosophy. For Ganesh, Yoga goes way beyond mastering the physical body and breath, but a way of experiencing life to the fullest. “Yoga is an act of experiencing happiness.” Happiness is the birthright of every single individual, and Yoga is the tool. 

 Ganesh对瑜伽如此的诠释,赋予其人道主义的普世价值观念。不论是初学者还是长期习练者,他们都能从Ganesh朴实无华的瑜伽教学中学习到对瑜伽理念更精湛更深层次的理解。With this yoga teaching approach and philosophy, Ganesh uplifts the understanding of yoga to the higher level of universal humanity. Be it beginners or long-time practitioners, people came to him for more refined understanding of yoga. With Ganesh, yoga is simplified yet opens your awareness to a deeper understanding of Yoga. He is described as the therapeutic storm in a teacup, and comes recommended by yoga students and teachers alike.

Ganesh现是Yoga Diksha® 在上海培训基地的老师之一。经过常年的修行和培训,以获得Yogaraksaka的教学资质。现在他将以瑜伽的遵循者和捍卫者的身份,将最传统正宗的瑜伽理念和哲学传授给中国的广大瑜友们。Ganesh is one of the Yoga Diksha® teachers based in Shanghai training center. After years of yoga practice and learning, he has achieved the credential of Yogaraksaka, which follows and protects yoga principles and knowledge. He is now in China to spread the Yoga principles and knowledge around.

Yoga Diksha® 
学分认证 Certification
1. 顺利完成本次50小时的课程培训,并保证100%的出席率,Yoga Diksha将授予颁发500学分的认证证书。Upon the accomplishment of the 50 hours training with 100% attendance, you will receive a hard copy of 500 Credit Certificated issued by Yoga Diksha® Foundation Headquarter India. 
2. 培训学时和学分之间的换算与课程的设置和强度相关。相关换算比例,Yoga Diksha®享有最终的解释权。The conversion between the training hours and credits is subjected to the syllabus and intensity of each training programme. Yoga Diksha® Foundation reserves the right of final explanations.
Yoga Diksha® 基金会是国际瑜伽培训机构,根植于印度,面向国际 。基金会崇尚传统正宗的教学理念,旨在宣扬对“瑜伽生态系统”的全面认识。从而改变现有对瑜伽的狭隘认识和形式主义偏见。瑜伽不止关乎肢体锻炼,瑜伽超越宗教信仰。尽管Yoga Diksha®还是一个年轻的组织,但因其宣扬传统正宗的瑜伽精髓而标新立异。基金会集结各方善意,得益于学者、医生、政客和各方瑜友的志愿贡献,定会不断壮大。 Yoga Diksha® Foundation is a voluntary based organization, gathering all the right motives for the “initiation into the ecosystem of yoga.” All the profits generated by the Foundation are used for the preservation and promotion of the authentic Yogic tradition. Under the supervision of Indian Cultural and Education Board, the qualification of the Foundation is guaranteed by the strict credentialing system of the supervising authority. All the training programs are designed in an authentic yet approachable way, aiming to preserve, and further promote, the original scriptures of yogic study.

Training Fee 培训费用

单人价 Single Registration 
4,500RMB (4,200 for Early Bird)
双人价 Double Registration
4,000RMB (3,700 for Early Bird)
(早鸟价 Early Bird Price)
before 10.16 前)


日期 Dates: 
时间 Timing:
晨练 Morning Yoga Practice
(可选 Optional)
早课 Morning Class
午课 Afternoon Class

Registration and Payment

Please Contact Just Yoga Staff


Serena: 15202116238
Hattie: 13052214870
Just Yoga 徐汇馆 Xujiahui Studio:
 6406 5229 / 138 1652 3034
1. 报名时请提供姓名、电话、邮箱地址便于登记Please provide your name, contact details and email address to our Staff for registration use. 
2. 注册时需先交付 1,350元的预付金 (课程费用的30%),我们会为您保留位置。预付金不予退还。余款需在开课前交付完全,开课后不得取消课程。 Please pay the advance registration fee of 1350RMB (non-refundable), we will secure the spot for you. The outstanding fee should be paid before the course starts, no cancellation of the course allowed after the course started.  
3. 主讲老师为中英文授课,由专业人员提供全程翻译。It's a bilingual course, all teachings will be conducted in English and Chinese with volunteer professional translator’s support throughout the course.
4. 课程费用不包括食宿。Participants should be responsible for any cost incurred regarding food and accommodation.
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