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“Body is gross, whereas the mind is subtle. Subtleness can be experienced 

only when one can understand and appreciate gross experiences."


传统哈达 & 现代流瑜伽培训

Traditional Hatha & Modern Vinyasa


Shanghai 上海 

Just Yoga 徐家汇 Xujiahui


Interviewer: How do you evaluate the legacy of Iyengar tradition? 

采访者: 您如何评价艾扬格的遗产?

Dr. Swaroop: “BKS Iyengar is a legend by his thoughts, speech and action revolutionized the way the world looked at Yoga. Yoga was, and still is, a tool for spiritual practice. But after he revamped the tradition, Yoga became a tool for physical, vital and mental health. The anatomy and physiology was understood much better than it ever was.”

Swaroop 博士: “艾扬格,一个传奇,用思想、言语和行动颠覆了世界对瑜伽的看法。瑜伽过去是精神修炼法,现在还是。但经他改造,已然成为促进身心健康、加强生命能量的工具。人们对于解剖学和生理学的理解也比从前更加清晰透彻。”

“Teachers of his tradition earned a livelihood by spreading those unique techniques taught to his students by the legend himself. Right from film actors and actresses to sports personality, under the tutelage of Iyengar, people revised their vision and looked at yoga as a potential tool to understand one's inner potential.  ”


“The BKS Iyengar tradition approaches the body and the mind in a very systematic way. Man in the journey of finding his mind should understand his body. Body is gross, whereas the mind is subtle. Subtleness can be experienced only when one can understand and appreciate gross experiences. The gross experience starts at the level of muscles in the body. 


“Generally, an individual experiences the muscles only when there is a cramp or a spasm. But, such an experience is not healthy and enriching. How to experience your intelligent body at normal and healthy condition? This is the very essential factor in Iyengar yoga practice. This will also be one of the major focus in the upcoming training.”



Interviewer: Who do you think is the criteria for a good yoga teacher?

采访者: 你认为应该如何评价一位好的瑜伽老师?

Dr. Swaroop: “Strictly speaking, it is very difficult to give a marksheet to evaluate the qualification of a teacher. However, I do believe there are many mistaken beliefs about the profession of yoga teacher. Many people are concerned about their flexibility level and doubted about their eligibility to become a good yoga teacher. Regarding this, one thing very important they need to know is that ‘the best of the Yoga teachers are made and not born.’”

Swaroop 博士: 严格意义上来讲,想要给出一个详细的资质审核表来对老师进行评价,是非常困难的。但是我相信,现在在市场上,确实有很多对于瑜伽老师这个职业的误解。很多人认为,身体的灵活度是成为瑜伽教师的关键,如果没有灵活的身体,就不配为好的瑜伽老师。针对这一点,有一个很重要的理念大家一定要理解,好的瑜伽老师是塑造而成的,而不是与生俱来的。’

“A born flexible teacher, perhaps, can add value to an extremely advanced practitioner. But a teacher who starts the journey of learning yoga with extremely rough and rigid muscles and also least elegant postures are sure to add a great value to the discipline of yoga.”


It is the practitioners, who start with high interest levels to break the shackles of their rigidity and ruggedness, will be able to feel the body more subtly during its evolution, thus qualifying as a good yoga teacher. Only when a person has gone through pain, he can appreciate pleasure, similarly, only when one can understand the stiffness, one can appreciate flexibility! Hence, to figure out the rigid spots and convert them into flexible regions and thereby enhance the experiences of Yoga is the primary purpose of Asanas, as taught under Iyengar tradition.


Ganesh: “This is also why we dedicate three days completely for Props Experimentation. On the one hand, be it stiff or flexible body, props can help practitioners to become more tuned to the subtle feeling in the body awareness. Say, is there any part of your body that you haven’t brought your awareness to? whether your right and left sides are balanced? whether the stiffness of your pelvic comes from the region per se or the restriction from the spine?… these are the subtle experience yoga teachers need to be aware.”

大象老师:“这也是为什么我们在培训中特别设计了三天的道具实验室课程。 首先,不论是僵硬还是灵活的身体,道具的使用能够帮助练习者对身体层面的觉知有更细微的感受。是否你的身体中还有某些区域仍是觉知未及之处?是否你身体的左右两侧确实达到平衡?又是否你盆骨处的僵硬是由于肌肉本身的限制,又或是脊柱形态所限?……这些细微层面的体验是所有瑜伽老师必须能够觉知到的。”

On the other hand, the props utilized during the practice can take the practitioner closer towards the final and perfect posture. Using the strap to achieve the twist, using the chair to lift the bridge, or using the wall to support your hand balancing. The props usage can be very creative and funful. We will teach you how to use the traditional props, like yoga bricks, ropes, straps, etc, in a more creative way. Also, sticks, weights and your partner can also be integrated into your practice. The art is about how to utilize whatever resources you have around to support your practice and go deeper. 



Interviewer: What is the key of Alignment?

采访者: 在你看来,顺位的关键是?

Ganesh: “Alignment means a lot of different things. There is a physical level of alignment that you do in yoga asana. In asana, you arrange your body into certain pattern, certain poses and certain shapes. How these shapes are practiced, and how they are arranged, has tremendous effect on the quality of experiences in the practice. To improve this quality, however, can only be achieved through the coordination of physical, mental and intellectual. This is the deeper level of alignment I am going to talk about.”

大象老师: 顺位其实是一个很广泛的概念。瑜伽体式中的练习,是顺位在物理身体层面的体现。在体式中,我们将身体摆放成一个特定的形态或姿势。体式是如何实现的,形态是何达到的,这个练习过程会很大程度上影响到练习的质量。想要最大限度的提升体式质量,就需要身体,心理和智能层面的协和统一。这个,就是我所说要说的深层次的顺位。

For example, when we stand or move in an upright position our body is in constant adjustment and oscillation to keep organized around a vertical axis in order not to lose balance. There are three elements at play in this simple yet integrated posture of standing upright. Understanding about the external space is a mental activity, the way we internally perceive and instruct our bodies to stand is an intellectual activity, and ultimately our body that is standing upright is the physical activity, which can only be achieved when we put mind and intelligence in practice.”


"If you read closely, you will understand, there are three Cs in the alignment we are talking about—that is Communication, Correspondence and Coordination. In this training, we will try help you experience the dynamism required to retain the, body, mind and intellect within the framework of asanas throughout the practice. "



Interviewer: Why people HAVE to take this training from Just Yoga?

采访者: 为什么推荐大家参加Just Yoga的这个培训课程?

Ganesh: "Just Yoga is a certified training school affiliated to Yoga Diksha®—International Yoga Training foundation, whose mission is to bring to light the “Ecosystem of Yoga” through authentic and traditional approach in yoga education. The organization gathers all the goodwills and voluntary contributions from scholars, doctors, politicians and yoga professionals, from all around the World. Recently, if you notice, there is a shift towards the authentic traditional Indian teaching in the yoga field. Indian official government is also promoting for a systematic quality control of yoga teaching, which is also what Yoga Diksha’s organizers are dedicated for."

大象老师: "Just Yoga是隶属于Yoga Diksha®的认证瑜伽学校。Yoga Diksha®基金会崇尚传统正宗的教学理念,旨在宣扬对“瑜伽生态系统”的全面认识。基金会集结各方善意,也得益于世界各地学者、医生、政客和瑜友的志愿贡献。近来,在瑜伽圈内,有一个向正宗传统印度瑜伽教学传统回归的趋势,印度官方政府也正在极力推广一套系统性的瑜伽教学质量管理方式,而这也是Yoga Diksha®所强烈推崇的。"

"I understand there are many trainings going in the market now, however, I believe it is not easy to find a comprehensive and indepth syllabus as such as Just Yoga is offering. Undoubtedly, asana practice is the stepping stone for you to get into the path of yoga. Pranayama, Meditation, Chanting and Philosophy, however, are the aspects of yoga which are indispensable, but long been overlooked in the yoga market. In this training, we have dedicated time specifically to each topic, so you can learn the real essence of yoga, apart from the mat practice."

"我了解,现在在市场上的瑜伽培训五花八门,但我相信Just Yoga所提供的课程,应该是你能见到的综合性最强,深度最深的课程了。毋庸置疑,体式练习是大家进入瑜伽修行道路的敲门砖。调息,冥想,唱诵,瑜伽哲学等,确实瑜伽修行中不可或缺,却又长期被忽略的方面。在这个培训当中,我们就针对不同主题单独设计课程,让大家能够在垫上练习之外,感受到瑜伽的真谛。"

Another important point is about our teaching faculty. Dr. Swaroop has a yoga & psychology background, which can enormously facilitate a better communication of ideas and connection with students. As indicated in Patanjali Sutras, people of different mindset have different levels of understanding about yoga. A teacher who understands human mind, is the one who is capable of instructing based on his observation of students. ”


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