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春季阴瑜伽&经络养生工作坊Yin Yoga & Meridian Health for Spring

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Yin yoga is the quieter cousin to "yang" yoga or yoga as most people know it. 

Focused on deep stretching and long held poses,

 it allows the mind, body and nervous system 

to completely relax 

and bring the body to a state of healing.







Meridians, TCM food therapy and Yoga are wonderful combinations to stimulate healing for the spring. 

In this Yoga & Meridian Health for Spring Workshop, Kimberly and Chengcheng will incorporate the concepts of Yoga, Meridian and TCM food therapy, and guide you through Yin Yoga Practice,

and share the benefits of meridian health,

as well as the tips for TCM food therapy for Spring. 

Yin Yoga & Meridian Health 

For Spring



Sunday 星期日 15:00-17:00

280RMB for non-members 非会员 

250RMB for members 会员

一起来体验中国传统医学及印度古老瑜伽智慧的结合。学习阴瑜伽的精髓,如何通过阴瑜伽达到镇定神经系统的效果,通过经络养生及中医食疗来促进春季疗愈。与Kimberly & Cheng一起,在此次春季特别工作坊当中,享受瑜伽的镇定及深度的放松。

Join us for the Yin Yoga Workshop on 16th April.

Come experience the fusion of Chinese & Indian yoga traditions. Learn about what yin yoga is, how it can calm your nervous system, stimulate healing through the meridians, and TCM food therapy for Spring. Enjoy stillness and deep relaxation in this special workshop with yin yoga teachers Kimberly & Cheng" 

老师介绍 About Teachers

Kimberly is a wellness coach, healthy chef, TCM food educator and Yin Yoga teacher. Originally from Australia she has been in Shanghai for over 14 years. She has practiced yoga for over 10 years and discovered the benefits of yin yoga in the last 2 years, which prompted her to complete a yin yoga training and share the benefits of yin with more people. She also believes that yin yoga compliments TCM food therapy perfectly and teaches a dose of it in every class relating to seasonal foods and organ meridian care. 夏婉婷 (Kimberly) 来自澳大利亚,在中国生活超过了14年。她是一名健康教练,健康烹饪厨师,中医食育专家及阴瑜伽教师。她练习瑜伽已有超过十年的时间,在过去的两年发现了阴瑜伽给个人健康带来的绝佳好处。她开始专注于阴瑜伽的学习和培训,并将阴瑜伽的优点分享给更多的人。她相信,阴瑜伽是对中医食疗非常好的补充,并在每次的课堂当中,都跟大家分享季节性饮食以及器官经络养生的小贴士。

Chengcheng started her yoga journey 7 years ago. She finds that yoga not only keeps the body health but also awakens our inner selves and helps us live a balanced life on and off the mat. Her certifications include a 200-hour Yoga Alliance training in Yin Yoga; a 120-hours hot yoga training; and a 35-hour training in pre & post natal yoga. In addition to her love of yoga, Cheng possesses a passion for and interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which also is the basis for Yin Yoga. She enjoys sharing Yin yoga with more people. Cheng七年前开始了瑜伽之旅,她发现瑜伽的练习不仅仅给人带来身体的健康,同时还帮助唤醒我们内在真实的自己,让我们在生活中保持身心的平衡。她获得了国际瑜伽联盟200小时阴瑜伽,120小时热瑜伽和孕产瑜伽的教师认证。因为对瑜伽的热爱和对中国传统中医的兴趣,她希望将阴瑜伽这门结合中医以及传统瑜伽的流派和练习分享给更多人。

Yin Yoga & Meridian Health For Spring


Date 日期

2017.04.16 Sun 星期日 

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Just Yoga 徐家汇 Xujiahui

天平路185号 天平宾馆7楼 (近衡山路)

7/F Tianping Hotel, 185 Tianping Rd 

(near Hengshan Rd)

6404 5229 / 138 1652 3034

票价 Price: 

280RMB for nonmembers 非会员

250RMB for members 会员

* 由于活动材料以及老师的准备,一旦报名,如因个人原因需要退出活动,我们只接受名额转让,不予退款,谢谢您的理解! Please note that due the cost of the ingredients, we will apply a NO-SHOW fee equal to the 100% of the event price if you will not attend the event. Thanks for your understanding!


With its root in South Indian Bangalore, Just Yoga has developed a distinctive and non-dogmatic approach to yoga through three generations of yoga teachings. Based on traditional foundations, while inspired by new generations of technology, Just Yoga offers you a simplified yet effective approach to our modern hectic lifestyle!



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