Schedule 课表安排

Schedule 课表安排

王瑜伽系列工作坊 Raja Yoga Workshop Series

2017-04-21 10:50:11 justyoga 28


Not only to be practiced, yoga is to be lived.


Rāja yoga, as prescribed in Yoga Sūtra, provides every sādhaka who wishes to tread the yogic path a scientific, systematic, and practical way to live yoga

200RMB 1 Session 课

500RMB 4 Sessions 课



Based on Rāja yoga and combining modern sciences and vedānta, "Raja Yoga series" discusses some important topics in our everyday yoga practices and life. The first four workshops give an overview of what yoga really is, laying the foundation for in-depth discussions in the future; interconnected with each other, they form a series while also stand alone individually.

Raja yoga 王瑜伽

2017.04.022 Sat 周六

《系列》的第一个工作坊概括性的介绍王瑜珈。The first of the series gives an overview of rāja yoga.


1. 一些经文唱诵 Yoga Sūtra chant

2. 瑜珈真正是什么:经书定义 

    What yoga really is: the Sūtra definition

3. 一些瑜珈和吠檀多哲学的基础 

    Some basic vedāntic philosophy

4. 指向自由的四个章节 

    Four chapters to freedom

5. 王瑜珈修行和练习顺序

    Orders of sādhana and practices

Bahiranga 外瑜伽

2017.04.29 Sat 周六

然后,我们学习《瑜珈经》所说的 Bahiraṅga 外瑜珈,澄清一些概念。

Then, we discuss Bahiraṅga, or external yoga and do some concept clarification.



1. 一些经文唱诵 Yoga Sūtra chant

2. 体式:瑜珈 VS 杂技 

    Āsana: yoga VS acrobatics

3. 连接呼吸,气和意识  

    Connecting breath, prāna, and awareness

4. 自律:瑜珈的前提 

    Yama Niyama: the prerequisite

5. 禅坐 Meditative sitting

6. 瑜珈真正是什么:向内渗透

    What yoga really is: to turn inward


2017.05.06 Sat 周六



In this workshop, we talk about some important philosophical issues, which are beyond the scope of modern sciences, such as life, death, and miseries, and what yoga has to do with them.


1. 5分钟当下 5 min here and now

2. 一些经文唱诵 Yoga Sūtra chant

3. 现实和存在的质疑 

    Questioning the world and existence

4. 真实和永恒的质疑 

    Questioning truth and permanency

5. 生和死的质疑 

    Questioning life and death

6. 痛苦的根源 Roots of miseries

7. 当下 Here and now

8. 瑜珈真正是什么:一把钥匙 

    What yoga really is: a key


2017.05.13 Sat 周六


Yoga is a course of going inward. How do we actually do it and live yoga?

1. 外瑜珈到内瑜珈 External to internal yoga

2. 一些经文唱诵 Yoga Sūtra chant

3. 瑜珈术和神通 Saṃyama and siddhi

4. 外到内 External to internal

5. 平常心 A mind of equality

6. 开始禅坐:从呼吸到意识 Begin meditative sitting: from breath to awareness

7. 瑜珈真正是什么:是生活 

    What yoga really is: to be lived

About Teacher 老师介绍

姚曦 Yao Xi


Sower: yoga, vedānta, philosophy, meditation



Healer: love, love-making, sound, breath, diet, sleep, cancers


澳洲数学、基因学、心理学博士生、硕士 Australian PhD candidate & Master in mathematics, genetics, and psychology


印度瑜伽理疗硕士,美国RYT500瑜珈认证 Indian Postgraduate Diploma in yoga therapy, RYT500 yoga certificate



Australian Master Trainer in fitness



Founder: Yogaxiu, an Australian organic food company



Writer, lecturer, chanter, musician, skier, diver, cook, fruit feeder



Minimalist, naturalist


主修瑜珈 Yoga practiced: 王rāja,智jñāna,奉karma,西藏Tibetan,流转kriya,密宗tantra,音nāda,梵咒mantra,哈达hatha


With its root in South Indian Bangalore, Just Yoga has developed a distinctive and non-dogmatic approach to yoga through three generations of yoga teachings. Based on traditional foundations, while inspired by new generations of technology, Just Yoga offers you a simplified yet effective approach to our modern hectic lifestyle!



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