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2017 Just Yoga 2nd Anniversary Party 两周年庆回顾

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Just Yoga 两周年庆回顾

Just Yoga 2nd Anniversary 

Party Highlights

Time flies when we are having fun. It has been two years since Just Yoga Xujiahui studio gained the first light to serve the community. Blessed with your presence and continuous support, we are growing stronger and stronger. 2016 was an important year for Just Yoga. There have been many times of first-trial, first-attempt and first-exploration!! 

时光飞逝。Just Yoga 徐家汇馆开业至今已经两年,我们在尽自己最大的努力把爱和智慧分享并传播给大家。一路有您相伴,我们倍感珍惜。2016年,我们取得不少突破,有多个初次尝试,多个勇于创新,多个敢为人先。



Ancient Science of Life — Ayurveda

Just Yoga introduced Ayurveda into its teaching and practice system in 2016: Ayurveda Workshops, Ayurveda Panchakarma, Integrated Yoga and Ayurveda Therapy, etc. We are ready for 2017!! What about you!? 

古印度生命科学 — 阿育吠陀医学

Just Yoga 于2016年正式将阿育吠陀引进其教学和练习系统当中,举办了一些列阿育吠陀工作坊,阿育吠陀帕奇卡玛及阿育吠陀瑜伽综合理疗培训。2017年,我们已经整装待发,你呢?!



古印度充满智慧的自然疗法 — 阿育吠陀医学;

Ancient Indian wisdom of natural therapy - Ayurveda



Bharatanatyam in China - Body is Your Temple, Dance to the Ecstacy!

Just Yoga organised two rounds of Nritya Yoga Training and the first-ever Indian Clasical Dance Carnival in Shanghai. What we are doing is very simple and down-to-earth, but to promote for the essense of Indian Classical Dance, and make this artistic form of performance more reacheable, perceptible and understandable!!

婆罗多舞在中国-"身体是你灵魂的庙宇,舞动极致狂欢! " 恩迪亚舞蹈瑜伽培训+印度古典舞狂欢节,我们要做的很简单很单纯,让婆罗多舞这门古典艺术为更多人所知,所得,所学,所赏!



The stories and emotions expressed from the gestures, postures and eye movement.


Vedic Astrology


Vedic Astrology - the Alignment of Life

Just Yoga also introduced the first systematic Vedic Astrology training course in China. Astrology illuminates the secret corners of yourself and provides a key to understanding others also. It expands one’s insight into one’s behaviour and motivation. Emphasising on the understanding of Karma, Vedic Astrology presents what is the alignment of your life!

印度吠陀占星 - 了解“生命的顺位”!

Just Yoga同时还引进了中国史上第一次系统性的吠陀占星培训课程。不论是人类存在的隐蔽和未知之处,还是自我与他人之间的连结和关系,抑或是个体的行为方式和行动目的,吠陀占星对以上话题都能给出解答和诠释。从业力的角度出发,吠陀占星像你诠释的是生命的顺位!

Vedic Astrology


Tuning to the future and past, exploring the interconnected nature of the Universe. 



Asana Training

Just Yoga organized Advanced Asana and Ashtanga Training in 2016 for those who truly believe in practice. Practice - is the best of instructors. 

在2016年,Just Yoga 还特别针对坚信习练的瑜伽爱好者们组织了高级体式和阿斯汤伽培训。练习 - 是最好的老师。 

Asana Training


The pains you feel are messengers, listen to them. 这些你经历的痛苦都是讯号,你要聆听它们。

Only with your presence and support, Just Yoga can have the achivements we are witnessing today. Thank you for accompanying. Grateful for having!


“瑜伽并非属于神秘的古代,而是当今最有价值的宝藏之一。瑜伽已然是今日的基本需求,必将成为明日的文化。”“Yoga is not an ancient mystery. It is one of the most valuable legacy of the present. It is the essential need of today & the culture of tomorrow"
                                          ----Ganesh Ji 

Celebration Highlights



With its root in South Indian Bangalore, Just Yoga has developed a distinctive and non-dogmatic approach to yoga through three generations of yoga teachings. Based on traditional foundations, while inspired by new generations of technology, Just Yoga offers you a simplified yet effective approach to our modern hectic lifestyle!



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