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Temple Yoga Retreat 寺院瑜珈静修 04/28-04/30

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Be the Asana


Temple Yoga Retreat


Price 费用

999 RMB

Date 日期

2017.04.28 - 2017.04.30

Booking 报名:

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Asana practice is not about the mechanical arrangement and correction of your body structure. Genuinely getting into the characters and personalities of each asana, that's the real start of yoga practice. Be the Asana, connect with its nature and soul, make your practice more effective and full of fun!



Experience and adapt to the temple regular life, the timing is determined according to temple and spiritual practice.

Temple will be located around 2.5 hours in Suzhou countryside. 
Our program will be adjusted by our coach depends on the group.

The class will be teach in English.

        根据每次老师的不同,适当调整教学日程。 课程将以英文教学。

Day 1

19:30 Leaving from shanghai
21:30 Introduction to the Retreat
22:00 Sleep

Day 2
05:30 Chanting, Surya Namaskara, Asanas
07:00 Breakfast
09:00 Introduction to Yoga
10:30 Detox Yoga series
11:00 Lunch
13:00 Deep Relaxation Technique
13:45 Break
14:00 Yoga practice
15:30 Free time, relax walk into narure near temple
17:00 Dinner
19:30 Trataka (Yoga practice for your eyes)
20:30 Free time
Before 22:00 all the lights are off. Good night! :)

Day 3 
05:30 Chanting, Surya Namaskara, Asanas
07:00 Breakfast and karma yoga
09:00 Pranayama 
11:00 lunch break
13:00 Yoga practice
14:00 Question and Answer session
14:30 Return back to the city
17:00 Arrive Shanghai


19:30 上海出发
21:30 抵达寺院
22:00 静睡

05:30  唱诵,拜日式,瑜伽体式
07:00  素食 早斋
09:00  瑜伽相关介绍
10:30  排毒瑜伽
11:00  素食 午斋
13:00  深度放松法
13:45  休息
14:00  呼吸能量法
15:30  自由时光,寺外经行
17:00  素食 晚斋
19:30  瑜伽眼法
20:30  自由时光
22:00  止静,熄灯,安睡

05:30  唱诵,拜日式,瑜伽体式
07:00  素食 早斋及业瑜伽
09:00  瑜伽呼吸法
11:00  素食 午斋
13:00  瑜伽练习
14:00  问答释疑 总结分享
14:30  返程
17:00  回到上海 圆满

Equipment / 自带装备:

(Needs to be prepared by each participant)
- Your own Yoga mattress (very important, don't forget) 
- Comfortable clothes for Yoga practice ,flexible, simple color, in summer T-Shirt is ok 
(Please dress conservatively and avoid sleeveless clothes, live by temple regulations as an honor towards the practitioner Bodhimandala. Please note that monks might reserve the right to ask to change or leave)

- sports shoes, or simple shoes that can cover your tow (no slippers when outside your room)

- Drinking bottle to refill water
 ( a bottle that can refilled with hot water, if you want to only drink clod water, please prepare by yourself )
- Personal washing kit and towels
- Around 2-4 people a room depends on different temple
- Good spirit and open mind ( very recommended in every step of life) ; )  

-  瑜伽垫(自行准备)
-  行李简单。适合瑜伽练习的衣服,舒适,柔软,颜色简单 (寺内禁止穿着性感,鲜艳,杜绝背心,拖鞋)
-  运动鞋或者单鞋(室外不允许穿拖鞋)
-  雨衣或雨伞(以防下雨)
-  个人水杯(只提供开水)如需矿泉水请自己准备
-  个人洗漱用品,毛巾等
-  宿舍约2-4人/间,根据不同的寺院条件, 本次室内有热水洗澡,暖气
-  开放的精神和思想,利于人生每一步:)



founder of Just Yoga

Just Yoga创始人、瑜伽理疗师 

Temple lifestyle

- We stay in the temple's facilities
- Separate dormitories for male and female
- Hard beds with blanket provided
- Usually no A/C, not always hot water shower
- Vegetarian meals, no waste food
- No smoking, no alcoholic drinks during the retreat
- Silent Retreat (except question/answer time, always possible to walk outside the temple if necessary)
- No mobile phones during the lessons and the meal time

- 素斋,杜绝浪费

- 男女众分开住宿
- 在寺期间,烟酒不沾,洁净自身
- 保持安静 (除去问答时间,当然在休息时间可以在寺外散步)
- 无电子设备,关闭手机

Included 费用包含
- Transportation From & Back to Shanghai 往返上海

- Insurance 户外保险
- Meals as per itinerary 早餐和正餐
- Guiding & Coaching 教练和向导
- Accommodation 住宿
Not Included 不包含
- Other personal expenses 其他个人费用



We will inform every participants about the gethering infomation by email after booking


contact person

feng 剪风 

Chinese/English Speaking

mobile: 182 2133 2139 

              as wechat 微信同号

wechat: quipart

Yao Yao 
Chinese/English Speaking
mobile: 135 2422 0254 as wechat

aily pay 支付宝



Just Yoga Team
微信号: Justyogashanghai


With its root in South Indian Bangalore, Just Yoga has developed a distinctive and non-dogmatic approach to yoga through three generations of yoga teachings. Based on traditional foundations, while inspired by new generations of technology, Just Yoga offers you a simplified yet effective approach to our modern hectic lifestyle!



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