Faculty 教师

Yiran Zhang

12 years of teaching experience 12年教学经验
​Therapist & Consultant 瑜伽理疗师&顾问
Stress Management Consultant 压力管理导师
Pregnancy Yoga Instructor 孕产瑜伽老师

Just Yoga Teacher 教师


12 years of teaching experience 12年教学经验

Therapist & Consultant 瑜伽理疗师&顾问  

Stress Management Consultant 压力管理导师

Pregnancy Yoga Instructor 孕产瑜伽老师

张意柔 拥有十年的瑜伽教授经验,曾担任几十家世界500强企业的瑜伽减压培训师和教师。意柔跟随拥有全球瑜伽生活经验的台湾知名瑜伽人董振铭先生练习温和的阿斯汤噶气瑜伽。通过多年的练习,她感受到自己的生命开始进入一种脱胎换骨的蜕变过程,体悟到练习瑜伽除了要练好体式与呼吸,更要懂得在生活中的每一天好好呼吸、好好睡觉、好好喝水吃饭,充分地尊重自己,无条件地爱自己。 意柔认为,瑜伽是在与其他生命的每一次相遇中去读懂自己、超越自己,然后欢笑、分享、绽放、爱。活出美丽的生命是一门哲学与艺术,生活处处是瑜伽。意柔期待与您在瑜伽生活中分享和探讨生命,在瑜伽练习中一起享受到生命的宁静与奇妙。

Yiran Zhang  is an  experienced  yoga teacher, who has been teaching in many famous international companies as a stress-management trainer and yoga teacher. After years of  practicing Ashtanga Venyasa Qi Yoga,  which founded by the Taiwan famous yoga forerunner Mr. Ming Dong, she feels her life entering into a reborn transformation process. She begins to live in a natural rhythm and loves the way of  'let it be'. She realized  that life could be very beautiful  if you know how to breathe well, eat well and sleep well,  if you really respect yourself and love yourself unconditionally. Yoga is about sharing love with others. Through encountering with others, we know more about ourselves and could go beyond ourselves, then be united with others. To live a beautiful life is a philosophy and art, yoga is everywhere in life.  Yirou is looking forward to explore and share life experience with you in Just Yoga. Let's meet and enjoy peace and wonder here!


With its root in South Indian Bangalore, Just Yoga has developed a distinctive and non-dogmatic approach to yoga through three generations of yoga teachings. Based on traditional foundations, while inspired by new generations of technology, Just Yoga offers you a simplified yet effective approach to our modern hectic lifestyle!



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