Just Go - 2017 CNY Indian trip review

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Just Go India  

CNY Holiday Highlights


Before we went to Rajasthan, we enjoyed the stories and photos people shared on line,and start to dream. After we went, we enjoyed the beauty of her and the moments of our own. Now it is the time we share with you our stories with photos.  Hopefully they will become tips for your next visit there.

瑜伽 Just Yoga

让这次旅程与众不同的当然是瑜伽了。跟随Just Yoga去印度,无论是在城市里,或是在皇宫里,或是在沙漠里,瑜伽,是我们每天的必修。

What made this trip special was always YOGA. Go with Just Yoga, we had yoga every day. No matter in the city, or in the palace, or in the desert, we did our practices.   

国王的领土Rajasthan - a place of kings

在拉贾斯坦邦(Rajasthan)的名字里,”raj”代表"monarch" - 国王的意思;而”stan”代表领土的意思。“Rajasthan”的意思是国王的领土。拉贾斯坦邦曾被多位国王统治,每位国王都建有城堡和宫殿,整个地方充满了帝王的文化。

In the word “Rajasthan”, “Raj” means monarch or king and “stan” means place of or land, so Rajasthan means place of monarchs, place of king. Rajasthan is a region once ruled by monarchs with remanats of forts and palaces – it is soaked in regal culture。

酒店也是宫殿 Hotel = Palace

在拉贾斯坦邦,很多酒店都是由以前国王的行宫改建而成的,真的是很棒!我们有幸住在其中的一间 - Fort Rajwada Jaisalmer 城堡酒店

Many hotels in Rajasthan are converted from a palace of a king. They are super. We were so lucky to stay in one of them in Jaisalmer - Fort Rajwada Jaisalmer.

印度火车 Indian Train


In this trip, we travelled around the cities by trains. The train ride is one of the most amazing and unforgettable experience to us during this CNY Indian trip.


What is that feeling of taking a train in Indian?  Extraordinary amazing!

We might had encountered something uncomfortable,  or might be disappointed  in some situations during the train ride,  travelling in a train is still highly recommended to all tourists, it is a MUST-DO when you travel in Indian.  


Train porters in Indian


The porters carried our heavy suitcases by balancing them on their heads.


Inside the Indian Train


Along the railways


Indian Railway


Travelling by train in India, you can get a closer contact with the local Indians and a great feel of what India is.

沙漠 Tart Desert


What a magnificent place the Thar Desert is!!! Camel safari and sunrise/sunset views are the awesome attraction of Thar Desert. And Yoga on the sand were another unforgettable experiences to us all too.

购物 Shopping in India


Shopping is always fun, especially when you are suroundig by colourful cultural dresses, bed covers, table runners, shoes…

Just Go 印度行,和Just Yoga一起,总是惊喜连连。

Just Go Indian with Just Yoga, you will always have surprises.

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