上帝打翻了调色盘 | 天方夜谭中的蓝色城堡 Blue castle in Arabian Nights

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蓝色之城   blue city:

焦特布尔   Jodhpur 


There is a group of Smurfs in the other side of mountain and sea, they are lively and witty, they are mischievous and clever...... If there is Indian version of Smurfs in India, then they should be residing in Jodhpur. Overlooking from the summit of Meherangarh Fort, dots of blue houses shows the magnificence of the city. One origin of the blue city  goes like this, blue is the color of Brahmin caste, so they paint their house in blue color so as to show their identity. This tradition was later followed by other non-Brahman people, which gradually rendered the city into blue.


must-see attractions in Jodhpur

1)梅兰加尔堡 Meherangarh Fort

梅兰加尔堡由土邦王Rao Jodha始建于1459年,他也是焦特布尔这座城市的奠基人,古堡建在一座125米高的陡峭山崖上,城墙高达36米宽21米,城堡的建筑材料直接取材于山脚的岩石,所以整座城堡和脚下的山岩浑然一体,就像是从崖壁上生长出来的堡垒。

Meherangarh Fort is built by Rao Jodha, the founder of Jodhpur, in 1459. Meherangarh Fort is built on a 125 meter-high steep cliff walls up to 36 metersheight, building material is directly based on the rocks from foot of the hill, where shows the perfect integration of the castle with the rocks.

走进梅兰加尔堡,你会立刻被直冲云霄的城墙、厚重的3重城门所震惊, Rao Jodha和他的子孙们在这里建立了拉贾斯坦最大的王国马尔瓦尔王朝Marwar(意为死亡之地),帮助马尔瓦尔王朝抵御了一次又一次进攻。1973年,焦特布尔的土邦王将城堡中的城市宫殿以博物馆方式对公众开放,是拉贾斯坦邦中最早对公众开放的城市宫殿。

Walking into Meherangarh Fort, you will be immediately astonished by the walls which bursting into sky and the 3-layer thick gate , Rao Jodha and his descendants built Marwar Dynasty (Rajasthan's largest kingdom Marwar Dynasty) for defence purpose. In 1973, Jodhpur's ruler opened this castle to public as a Museum, which became the first public castle in Rajasthan. 


Umaid Bhawan palace

在蓝色之城的远处,有一组白色建筑的穹顶,这就是乌迈德巴望王宫。在城堡左侧,沿山路下行,可以到达贾斯旺萨达Jaswant Thada。这座大理石的建筑是为纪念马卧王朝的一位王公而建,主建筑是仿寺庙式的,大理石上雕刻有天才艺术家的作品,营造出一种神秘的氛围。背面的小湖上,有水鸟栖居。

From the distance of blue city, where a group of white domes spread, is the Umaid Bhawan palace. On the left side of the castle, if you walk down along the mountain road, you can reach the Thada Jaswant. The marble building was constructed to commemorate a mogul prince. Designed in a temple style, the marble in the main building is carved by a talented artist, creating a mysterious atmosphere. On the back of the lake, there dwells the birds dwelling. 


special clothing--polo pants


焦特布尔贡献给这个世界的可不止是蓝城、梅兰加尔堡,乌迈德巴望王宫,还有一样特殊的服饰--马裤。19世纪焦特布尔的土邦王Pratap Singh是一个狂热的马球迷,1897年他去英国参加维多利亚女王50周年庆典时,把他的整个马球队都带到了英国,并赢了多场比赛,Pratap Singh的马球队所穿的上宽下紧的焦特布尔马球裤,迅速在英国上流社会流行起来,马球裤的英文单词就来源于此。

Jodhpur's contribution to the world is more than the blue city, Meherangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan palace, it is also known for a special design of clothing--polo pants. Jodhpur's ruler Pratap Singh, from the Nineteenth Century, was an avid polo fans. In 1897, he went to England to attend the Queen Victoria 50 anniversary celebration, with his entire polo team, and won a lot of games,the top wide bottom narrow type polo pants, quickly become popular in UK, it is the origin of word “polo pants”.

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