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瑜伽说 | 那些“疯狂”的表情背后... Behind those crazy expressions...

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The video above is a section of a Bharatanatyam,
what's your feeling when watching it?

"哑舞dumb dance"

Do you feel the rich facial expression of the dancer,in India dance culture,facial expression is particularly important. Dancers have to be skillful and elegant of changing movements in different situations cooperate with rich facial expressions to express thoughts and feelings, such as war, love, hatred, and so on. Some people call Bharatanatyam as"dumb dance", because the audience can understand the thoughts, emotions and stories which dancers want to express ,through dancer's gestures, eyes, facial expressions, body language and rhythm of music.

Dancers sometimes need props, such as wearing masks to express different stories ,it is also a feature of this dance.

Nava Rasas of Bharatanatyam

印度古典舞蹈中,有九种情感的表现方式,即“九味”,这些在婆罗多舞的舞蹈表演中都有很好的诠释和展现。Rasa 是一种理念,在舞蹈里面通过表情可以再现一种感情引导,作品本质。下图为婆罗多舞中的“九味“及各自所代表的感情。
There are nine major classical categories of emotions or Rasa, called Nava Rasas that are depicted in the Abhinaya of Bharatanatyam . Rasa is a kind of concept, in which can be represent by the expression of a emotional guidance, the nature of the work.The picture below shows the "Nava Rasas "of Bharatanatyam and the emotion each rasa 

根据婆罗多的理论,表演者和舞者需要有能力通过“常情”,即决定因素 (情由) 和刺激因素 (情感),来激发观众的情感体验。如果进展顺利,观众能够接收到不同的信号,并在脑海中呈现相应的情感和问题。
According to Bharata, the actor-dancer should be able to elicit the rasa experience in the audience through the stahyi bhava or permanent emotion, which is supported by the determinants (vibhava) and stimulants (anubhava). These are further elaborated upon through different transitory states of mind.If all goes well, the spectator then receives these various signals, which awake the particular sentiment in question in his or her mind.

 However, not everyone is able to experience it. In order to be able to recognise or receive the rasa, or the “essence”, the spectator should be a sensitive and cultivated person, a rasika.

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