Yoga Kumbh Mela 瑜伽大狂欢

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2nd IDY celebration
Yoga Kumbh Mela is the yoga festival presented by Just Yoga to celebrate the 2nd International Day of Yoga. From 18th June to 26th June, we invite you to join us for a whole series of educational, informative and funful yoga events and talks. It is a great yoga gathering for all of you that transcends the boundaries between nationalities, race and ethnicities!!
瑜伽大狂欢是Just Yoga举办的第二届世界瑜伽日庆祝活动。从6月18日至6月26日,Just Yoga 为大家准备了一系列的瑜伽庆祝活动和讲座。这将会是一个超越了国家、种族和民族界限的盛大瑜伽狂欢!!
Yoga Kumbh Mela is inspired by one of the largest peaceful gatherings in the world—Kumbh Mela. Kumbh is the congregation of all cultures, and the confluence of nature and humanity. It is the symbol of spiritual awakening, the flow of life itself. It is one the most incredible sights in the world where the worst and the best of humanity landed up there, and where you can really see the complexity of culture, humanity and civilization.
Join us for this Great Yoga Gathering for Union and Uniting! It is the time when “I” joining “You”, and “Me” becoming “We.” 
Yoga Kumbh Mela活动灵感来源于印度最大的狂欢节—Kumbh Mela (常译为大壶节)。“Kumbh”象征的是文化融合,自然与人类的连结。它代表着灵魂的觉醒和生命的流动。”Kumbh”是世界上最让人惊艳的盛宴,在这里你将见证最复杂及深奥的文化、人类和文明。
Just Yoga Xujiahui 徐家汇
Aruna Ladva
For the International Day of Yoga celebration, Aruna will be conducting two seminors in Just Yoga Xujiahui on 18th June.  "Pause, Think, Act" is a stress management session where the talk will provide a 3 Step framework towards achieving an optimum outcome for busy people. Pause, Think and Act-the optimal approach to manage and eliminate the stress in busy life.  "Meditation Laboratory"is a creative meditation workshop using guided imagery, movement and objects to invite different mind states and create experiences and realizations. 
为了庆祝第二届世界瑜伽日,Aruna将于6月18日在Just Yoga徐家汇馆进行两个讲座。“停, 想, 做” 是一个针对压力管理设计而设计的工作坊。“停, 想, 做”是现代人应对繁忙的生活状态,并以最佳状态来应对和消除压力的三步必胜法。“冥想实验室”是一个非常具有创新意义的冥想工作坊,通过图像、动作、物体来影响并引导不同状态的心智个体,并最终达到经历的创造和实现。
Aruna Ladva began her journey at the age of 14, and has spent over 30 years studying, teaching and facilitating self- development for one’s total well-being. Aruna is fortunate to have a blend of two cultures - east and west - and feels very much at ease anywhere in the world. Born in Kenya, she was educated in England, lived and worked in Canada, the Middle East and various other countries of the world. However, she considers India to be her spiritual home. Aruna has been instrumental in developing meditation centres for self- development and personal wellness in Canada, Turkey, Bahrain and Kuwait. She travels the world as a lecturer, teacher and author, and also facilitates retreats and trainings as well as co-managing self-development projects and initiatives. As a speaker, her approach is pragmatic and down to earth yet infused with a profound understanding of the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of life. She has a positive vision for the future and a passion for life, which she also imparts to the many people she meets around the world.
Aruna is a Certified Negotiator in Conflict Resolution. She has also studied Natural Health, which she embodies by practicing and promoting a vegetarian, dairy-free and healthy lifestyle. Aruna’s life is guided by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris (, with whom she studies the gentle art of Raja Yoga Meditation. In her own way she has become a dedicated teacher and an ambassador for peace. Aruna is author of five books and has a successful blog, “It’s meditate” ( Her writing is inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris. 
Just Yoga Minhang 闵行
Street Yoga
The best choice for outdoors yoga activity. Come to Xingle Road, and join us for the Street Yoga Celebration in Minhang Community!! Enjoy the best ever day with Ganesh and Just Yoga teachers team!
Scheduling 日程安排:
09:30-11:00 Ganesh, Akhil & Yirou
Street Yoga 街道瑜伽
13:00-15:00 Akhil & Hanish
What & Why Yoga? 为什么选择瑜伽?
19:00-20:30 Rasa & Lakshmi
Live Music & Chanting 音乐 & 唱诵
Rasa is a Sanskrit professor and has 13 years of teaching experience. His teaching style is approacheable and interesting. In 1999 he moved from America to India in order to learn Sanskrit. He graduated in 2003, and then moved to Europe and start teaching Sanskrit. In addition to the language, Rasa also teaches yoga and yoga philosophy, and the basic knowledge of Ayurveda and Tantra medicine. Rasa has travelled around Europe and Asia, as well as his native country of America, in order to teach his students. Now he has been in China for 3 years, and by his understanding of ancient Chinese culture, can show the common features between these two countries. This will help Chinese students understand the beauty of the Sanskrit language. This is also one of the unique parts about his teaching.
Just Yoga Xujiahui 徐家汇
Yoga Kumbh Mela
8 am - 8 pm
Non-Stop Yoga 瑜伽接龙
Choose Any or All 选择任意课程
08:00-09:15 Ganesh
Salute to the Sun 拜日礼赞
09:30-10:45 Hanish & Swadesh
Art of Breathing & Meditation 呼吸冥想艺术
11:00-12:15 Ganesh & Nina
Family Yoga 家庭瑜伽
Happy Yoga, Yogic Games, Laughter Yoga
12:30-13:45 Dr Vinod & Amrita
Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy 阿育吠陀&瑜伽理疗
Back, Neck & Shoulder Series 背 颈 肩部理疗系列
14:00-15:15 Master Yunxiang
Taichi Yoga 太极瑜伽
15:30-16:45 Naga & Prem
Yoga for All 大众瑜伽
Partner Yoga, Yogic Stretch, Laughter Yoga
17:00-18:15 Nidhi, Kyati & Yirou
Just Dance 舞韵
Bollywood Dance, Rhythmical Life
18:30-20:00 Lakshmi, Asaph & Bone
Live Music, Kirtans & Mantras
拜赞圣歌 & 唱诵
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