menbership 会员信息

menbership 会员信息

Just Yoga 

课堂礼仪 Classroom Discipline


1. 瑜伽馆是一个您私密的健康习练空间,禁止烟、酒等。请尊重自己和他人的健康。

Yoga studio is your private personal space for health & practice, no cigarette or alcohol is allowed. Please respect the health and happiness of yourself and people around.

2. 试着让自己更加宽容一些,尊重老师和其他学员,就像你希望被他人尊重一样。

Try to make yourself more accommodating, respecting the teachers and other students, in the way you would like to be respected by others.

3. 请穿着恰当的服饰参加课程,避免穿着暴露,禁止上身赤膊。选择适合肢体伸展的宽松服装,不要穿鞋或袜。赤脚进入教室,并保持双脚洁净。

Please wear appropriate dress for the yoga class. No topless allowed. Choose suitable and loose fitting clothes, don't wear jeans or skirt, nor shoes or socks. Please enter the classroom barefoot and keep your feet clean.

4. 请提前五分钟进入教室,迟到十分钟后不得进入教室;若无特殊原因,请坚持每节课的完整练习,切勿提早离开教室。

Please five minutes ahead of time into the classroom, don't be late for more than five minutes, so as to avoid the teacher and other students wait; if there is no special reason, please adhere to each lesson complete practice never early to leave the classroom.

5. 进入课堂前,请卸下首饰、手表、腰带等物品,不使用气味较重的香水或身体乳液。

Please remove jewellery, watches, belts and other items. No use of heavy odour of perfume or body lotion, so as maintain the classroom atmosphere.

6. 进入教室后,尽量不要高声谈论和大笑,让自己融入到瑜伽平静、祥和的世界。

Try not to talk loudly and laugh, let yourself immerse into the calm, serene and peaceful world of yoga.

7. 课堂上请关闭手机,或将手机调整到静音模式。最好不要将手机带入教室。

For the yoga class, please turn off your mobile or keep it in the flight mode. It is best to leave your mobile outside the classroom.

8. 练习过程中,关注自己的呼吸,不要张口说笑,也不要与其他学员说话。

Focus on your breathing and your own practice, try not to talk with other students or laugh loudly.

9. 课前、课后与老师之间互行双手合十礼,并轻颂 “Namaste”(发音为:na ma si dei),老师对学生行此礼意思是对学生的问候与关爱, 学生对老师行此礼意思是感谢瑜伽、感谢老师带给我们的所有健康和愉悦。

Before and after class, please put your palms together and say "Namaste" to the teacher. It shows the greeting and caring from the teachers for the students, also the respect and gratitude from the students to the teachers.

10. 课后请将自己使用过的练习工具放回原处。包括瑜伽垫,瑜伽砖,瑜伽绳等。

After the class, please return your yoga mat, blocks, straps, and etc. back to the place.


注:在印度语中表示发自内心的祝福、问候、 感谢,通常一边说“Namaste”,一边向对方行双手合十礼(双手合十于胸前,低头,之间触眉心 )。 朋友,当你选择习练瑜伽的同时,也就选择了对瑜伽老师的尊重!瑜伽,不同于其他任何一种健身活动甚或舞蹈,瑜伽是对一个人身心灵全方位的修行!那么,作为专业瑜伽老师的德 行和修行法则,就是要遵循瑜伽正道,作为习练者,应该对自己的老师发自内心的尊重和感恩,只有那样,你才会更加充分的汲取老师教授的各种练习方法,才会更加灵睿的悟到老师的引导方向,才会慢慢进入瑜伽的佳境,Namaste


Note:  In Hindi said heartfelt blessing and greeting, thanks, usually side said "Namaste", side to the other underwent bimanual Namaste (with hands folded in front of the chest, bow, between the contact between the eyebrows). Friends, when you choose to practice yoga at the same time, it chose to yoga teacher's respect! Yoga is different from any other fitness activity or even dance, yoga is a full range of personal spiritual practice! So, as a professional yoga teacher's virtue and practice law is to follow the path of yoga, as a practitioner should be on their teachers from the bottom of heart respect and gratitude, only in that way, you will more fully absorb taught various training methods, will be more core spirit of enlightenment to the direction of the teacher's guide, will slowly into the Yoga Nirvana!



With its root in South Indian Bangalore, Just Yoga has developed a distinctive and non-dogmatic approach to yoga through three generations of yoga teachings. Based on traditional foundations, while inspired by new generations of technology, Just Yoga offers you a simplified yet effective approach to our modern hectic lifestyle!



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